Merkaba Activation


Experience a unique fusion of activation, motion, and insight that will bring about the change you've been seeking. Embark on a journey of self-discovery, passion, and rejuvenation with VIBRA.

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Welcome to VIBRA Kundalini Sessions - your journey to an enlightened self. Here, Kundalini isn't just an experience; it's a way of life, a path to self-care, and a mode of expressing authentic energy. We guide you through the process of Kundalini activation, leading you to a new level of consciousness and connecting you to your innate body wisdom.


Our Kundalini sessions offer you more than just a spiritual boost. They guide you into real shamanism, encompassing shamanic rituals and Merkaba activation processes, allowing you to tap into your shamanic levels 4 to 8, activating and restoring energy within your body and aura. Our sessions act as a gateway to profound, life-changing rituals, and visions.


Our unique approach blends Kundalini activation with Pineal gland activation, using crystal Pineal gland transmitters to stimulate your 'third eye'. This spiritual focal point, coupled with the cleansing of your aura and lightbodies, opens up new channels of perception. Experience life beyond the physical, see the world through energy, and unlock a state of being where your senses extend beyond eyes and ears.

Shaman Jeroen


Experience the Master Shaman Kundalini Level 4 – 8 with Crystal Kundalini Activations through a powerful Shaman Ritual:
  • Pineal Gland Communication: Enhance inner connectivity.
  • 3rd Eye Opening: Expand your intuitive sight.
  • Kundalini Activation: Unlock vital spiritual energy.
  • Altar Creation: Create sacred space for intention.
  • Spirit Presence (Quantum Integration): Connect with the universal energy field.
  • Merkaba - Working with Power Bundle: Experience the Full Merkaba Activator for heightened spiritual awakening.
VIBRA Secret:
  • Pineal Gland Contains Micro Crystals: Discover the crystalline nature of inner wisdom.
  • 3rd Eye Activates: Empower your psychic vision.
  • Kundalini Rising: Ascend to higher energy levels.
  • The Power of Self-Generating Energy: Learn the art of self-sustaining vitality.
  • Using Sacred Geometry and Frequencies Music: Explore the harmony of shape and sound in spiritual practice.

Unleash your power

Energy Communication and Unification: The Core of Kundalini Sessions

Our Kundalini sessions are about more than energy activation - they are about energy communication and unification. We guide you through connecting with your body, emotions, and mental brain. We believe the physical body acts as a signal system, communicating what is happening in your emotions and mind. Through our sessions, you'll learn to listen to these signals, using intuition to guide your personal rituals and decision-making processes.

Embrace the Dynamic Life Force: Kundalini

We honor Kundalini as the embodiment of dynamic life force energy, aligning and activating your chakras, and balancing your masculine and feminine energies. These sessions acknowledge the deep connection between Kundalini, sexual, and sensual energy, offering a unique perspective on your energetic body. Breathwork, a vital component of our sessions, enables this connection, fostering unity between your body, mind, and spirit.

Experience the transformative power of Kundalini with our range of Shamanic Kundalini services, designed for various levels and tailored to your needs.

Our offerings include:
  • Individual 1-on-1 Activation Sessions
  • Couple Sessions
  • Mixed Group Sessions
  • Retreats, Friend Group & Festival Sessions
  • Men-only Sessions
  • Women-only Sessions
  • Special Sessions for Teenagers (Ages 16 to 20)
Session lengths:
  • 30-minute Power Ritual
  • 60-minute Full Ritual
  • 90-minute Intense Extended Activation Ritual
  • 120-minute Advanced Session Ritual
Session types:
  • Merkaba Kundalini Activation
  • Sensual Kundalini Activation (with a focus on releasing sensual and sexual powers)
  • Non-Duality Kundalini Activation
  • Merkaba Activation Based on Personal Emotions and Mental Issues
What to expect from each session?
  • A clear explanation and preparation of the ritual
  • Shamanic breathwork to activate from the body
  • Traveling into energy fields (emotions and mental being)
  • Special frequency music to awaken your energy
  • Instruments and light language to increase the energy in space
  • Full activation based on your intentions
  • After circle for reflection and message sharing
  • Tips for staying in tune with the energies
  • Crystal Kundalini necklace as a talisman for re-activation
  • Opportunity to join our Merkaba Kundalini community
Self investment and value

Group Sessions:

  • 30-Minute Power Ritual: €88
  • 60-Minute Full Ritual: €125
  • 90-Minute Intense Extended Activation Ritual: €170
  • 120-Minute Advanced Session Ritual: €260

1-on-1 Sessions:

  • 30-Minute Power Ritual: €88
  • 60-Minute Full Ritual: €350
  • 90-Minute Intense Extended Activation Ritual: €485
  • 120-Minute Advanced Session Ritual: €620


The magic of Kundalini doesn't stop when the session ends. Our rituals create a powerful ripple effect in your energy system and consciousness, resonating in the hours, days, and weeks following. You'll experience the joy of releasing old energy patterns, creating new vibrant energy, and evolving into a healthier and more powerful version of yourself.


Embrace the path of non-duality. Awaken to a state of unity energy. Rise to a new level of consciousness. Kundalini is not a destination; it's a lifelong journey, a forever process of evolving and ascending. Embark on your Kundalini journey with VIBRA today. Ignite your life force, and step into a world of elevated consciousness, profound self-understanding, and authentic energetic expression. We're ready to guide your transformation. Are you ready to awaken your Kundalini energy?

Awaken your life force energy

Experiences of our Community
Experiences of our Community

"I can still feel the new movements of the energy going as renewed and Jeroen's activation has switched more ON. And that will continue to roll out, so cool."

Peter, Zwolle
Experiences of our Community

"Since the Kundalini activation, I have dared to take huge steps and to fully choose for myself, out of love!"

Donnee, Valkenburg
Experiences of our Community

"So much has happened and come my way. Sometimes I can't even keep up, such a transformation. I was already on my way, but the Kundalini Activation has given me a boost."

Laziena, Amsterdam


The Kundalini, Pineal Gland & Merkaba Activation is a natural and intuitive energy process that awakens non-dual consciousness and your life force energy (also known as Kundalini). Kundalini is one of the names given to the powerful, creative, and divine life energy present in every person. The Kundalini activation guides you to step back into your authentic power, in the memory of your essence, in more flow, fulfillment, and joy of life.

Pineal gland activation

Kundalini session

The Ritual: A Journey into Your Being

During the session, you lay on a yoga mat with your eyes closed. Frequency music is played, which will raise the vibrations even further. To receive and feel the energy, surrender of your body and mind is essential. Make the journey in your Merkaba (all that you are) possible by traveling through various layers of your being. Shaman Jeroen will touch or press some of the chakra or meridian points on your body so that your energy starts to flow more.

The process is based on the science and knowledge (shamanism) of vibration, sound, and frequency to create activations, communications, transformations, and shifts through the different chakras, brainwaves, and internal processes (emotional and mental), thus touching, healing, making insightful, and removing layers of our conditioned mental and emotional limitations and stagnation that have occurred over your lifetime (due to traumatic experiences or deeply rooted conditioning). As a result, you will feel a more original energy and with it stronger, more energy, can get visions, and live more from your life energy and make decisions.

During the session, you can have various experiences, such as physical, emotional, visual, or the feeling of ultimate happiness. Your body expressing itself through shocking movements (shaking off blockages), screaming, singing, light language, speaking, crying, time traveling, etc. everything that wants to be seen and where you make contact will be experienced. The simple reason: because you want to experience who you are now but more importantly who you really are originally. The immeasurable power, primal source of love, energy, and creative power.

Experience it to understand the feeling

Kundalini is a unique experience

You don't have to know anything about energies, everyone is welcome. It is so special and sometimes rationally incomprehensible what it all brings and therefore is often really understood only when it has been experienced.

When you undergo it regularly, profound rewiring of the brain structure and the central nervous system also takes place. The deepening experience that takes place within you cannot be described in words, it is your own unique experience and a lifelong process of unraveling and rediscovering your original self.

Experiences from our community
Experiences from our community

"Since the session, I clearly have more energy than before. I notice an even clearer connection with myself, also more need to just go for a nice walk in nature. I notice that I am even more sensitive in my work and really do the work from my heart. What a power session. I still have a wonderful calmness in my body and I still dream a lot."

Priscilla, Castricum
Experiences from our community

"I've now experienced 4 or 5 sessions with Jeroen and each session keeps doing a lot and I notice that each session goes deeper and really gives positive results afterwards. I had my first session a year ago and a lot has changed since then. It feels like small steps but looking back they are really huge steps."

Sandra, Dalfsen
Experiences from our community

"Since the session it is easier for me to change my behavior / stay in that calmness that is so important to me. Lived in my head for 38 years, unhappy and 0.0 self-esteem. Practiced daily since April this year with meditation, changing behavior and self-reflection. It seems that since the session I really feel my third eye physically, so I also feel the calmness and energy flowing in my body."

Wouter, Amsterdam
Experiences from our community

"Thank you for your Kundalini ritual activation. Really everything passes: fatigue, anger, frustration, irritation, happiness, love and gratitude. Beautiful insights and above all just being and doing nothing for a while. Everything has been set in motion so that I can heal myself.”

Noeska, Utrecht
Experiences from our community

"Thank you Jeroen, it's magical what's happening. After a long period of being popped in, I was allowed to break open the pop with the Kundalini ritual. Now crawl out, pump up wings soon and then fly! What a grateful process that I enjoy fully. I am high in energy."

Miranda, Nijeberkoop

Profound Benefits of Kundalini Activation

The most common benefits observed in participants are:

  • Liberation and relief of stress and tension in the body.
  • Old problems and even traumas from the past no longer have the same effect on you. You remember them, but they no longer bother you.
  • More self-confidence, resilience, and authenticity.
  • Better sense of what is good for you, more connected to your intuition.
  • Improved creativity and productivity
  • Shift to a more conscious life
  • Increase in overall energy and vitality
  • More spiritually awakened and the experience of non-dual consciousness
  • Gain access to higher frequency vibrations
  • States of deep bliss, harmony, joy, and satisfaction
  • You feel love and compassion for everything that is and recognize yourself as an intrinsic part of everything.
  • More peace, your mind is noticeably quieter.
  • Peeling off the layers of conditioned mental, emotional, social, and cultural limitations.

Kundalini Benefits

Kundalini & Merkaba Activation

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