General terms Kundalini

VIBRA Kundalini Session Participation Agreement

By participating in a VIBRA Kundalini session, I acknowledge and affirm the following:

  1. Personal Health Responsibility: I am fully accountable for my health and well-being. I pledge to notify VIBRA in writing and through a confirmed personal WhatsApp call, especially if I have any health issues, mental disorders, burnout, or any condition that could present a risk.

  2. Session Dynamics: I am aware that during a VIBRA session:

    • I will lie relaxed on a yoga mat, tuning into the music.
    • I might feel the guide interacting with my chakras or meridian points.
    • Possible sensations include cold, heat, involuntary movements, or interaction with a fellow participant due to the group nature of the session. This can include touch, emotional expression, movements, or even potentially no sensation at all.
  3. Post-Session Care: After the session, I will refrain from alcohol, drugs, and will consume light meals. I understand that occasional side effects may include headaches, appetite changes, insomnia, or general fatigue. Any physical pain I had might intensify or dissipate.

  4. Consent and Liability: By signing this, I acknowledge I am fully briefed about the session's nature, potential reactions, and the associated costs. I accept complete responsibility for my health state and waive any claims against VIBRA for damages, whether physical, emotional, or mental.

  5. Image & Testimonial Rights: I grant VIBRA the permission to use my name, image, and testimonials in association with VIBRA activities, including promotional materials on social media platforms. This might be in photographs or videos, and I will not seek any compensation for this.

  6. Data Protection: VIBRA is committed to maintaining the confidentiality of my personal data in alignment with current data protection laws. I grant clear consent for VIBRA to handle my personal data as outlined above.

  7. Authorization: By signing, I allow VIBRA to publicly share my image and also grant prior consent for VIBRA to send me periodic promotional information.

By ticking this box and signing, I confirm my understanding and agreement to the aforementioned terms.