Shaman Jeroen Boerkamp

The face behind VIBRA

Shaman Jeroen Boerkamp

Discover your authentic power and unique beauty, with our Shaman Jeroen. We believe that true beauty radiates from within, from your core essence. Our mission is to activate your values, guiding you on a journey of self-discovery and transformation. Just be you - that's where your authentic power lies.

The Shamanic journey of jeroen boerkamp

Embracing the Vision of Growth and Oneness

Jeroen, the guiding light behind VIBRA, is a man driven by a vision of growth, wholeness, and oneness within himself and with the world around him. His spiritual journey began about 11 years ago, initiating him into the profound world of deeper consciousness.

Journeying the Native Path

On the red road of the indigenous peoples, he found himself immersed in the wisdom of nature and ancestral traditions. Through sweat lodges, healing ceremonies, and the transformative Sundance, he glimpsed into invisible worlds of energy, spirit animals, spirit leaders, and intricate patterns and emotions defining the path of life.

Illuminated by the Teachings of Native Ceremonial Teachers

Jeroen’s spiritual journey was further enriched by the teachings and initiations of native ceremonial teachers. Their wisdom opened his eyes to the interconnectedness of all life, the hidden language of nature and animals, the spiritual significance of plant medicines, and the mutual nurturing bond between us and Mother Earth.

The Magical Encounter with Lemurian/Atlantis Crystals

On his path, Jeroen encountered Lemurian/Atlantis crystals, connecting him deeply with his divine self and Mother Earth. The crystals and their geometric patterns awakened him to an even deeper consciousness, revealing avenues for healing, growth, and a deeper understanding of his own potential.

Uniting Body, Mind, and Spirit through Sacred Geometry

The wisdom of sacred geometry and the power of energy activations soon became integral parts of his spiritual practice. By unifying the five elements - water, earth, fire, air, and ether - he experienced a profound convergence of energies. The unseen world unfolded before him, defining his mission to guide others to the essence of life.

Healing for Humanity: Embracing Crystals and Energy Transmissions

As Jeroen embraced the crystals, he understood their true purpose - promoting cooperation and healing for humanity. He experienced the transformative power of elements, crystals, and energy transference, leading him to a deeper understanding of his place in the world and the role he was meant to play.

Further Activations and Insights from Brazilian Shamans

Throughout his spiritual journey, Jeroen gained invaluable wisdom from Brazilian shamans, participating in empowering rituals and energetic journeys. These experiences activated and enhanced his spiritual and healing abilities, allowing him to further contribute to the well-being and spiritual development of others.

The Destiny Trip to Lake Baikal

A destiny trip to Lake Baikal, Russia, marked a milestone in Jeroen's journey. Known as one of the three violet flame power places in the world, Lake Baikal helped him recall a past life as a shaman and sparked the creation of a new Earth grid with people and Mother Earth. This significant moment set the stage for deeper journeys and the commitment to share his teachings with others.

Tuning into the Body's Wisdom

Jeroen is instinctively a restorer and activator. By tuning into his own wise body and the larger interconnectedness of life, he follows the path that naturally unfolds before him. By tapping into your essence and emotions, he can accurately pinpoint where you stand in life, guiding you towards healing and growth.

Igniting Soul Missions

Jeroen's gift lies in helping individuals ignite their soul mission. By guiding them through emotional experiences, he supports their healing journey, enabling them to live authentically and embrace their unique essence.

Harnessing the Power of Knowing and Healing

Endowed with an innate ability to intuitively understand things, Jeroen can provide support and guidance by merely whispering a name. His power is magnified by the wind, its energy invigorating him and amplifying his abilities.

Embodying Natural Wisdom

Born with a wellspring of natural wisdom, Jeroen’s insights and practical solutions address the collective's challenges. He champions the physical body as the ultimate source of wisdom, believing that by fully experiencing and trusting our feelings and sensations, we can dissolve deep-seated fears.

The Journey Continues

As Jeroen continues his journey, he remains dedicated to his mission: healing, activating, and helping others live their essence. His wisdom and understanding serve as a beacon for those on their own path of self-discovery, inviting everyone to join him on this journey of spiritual awakening and personal growth.