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Crystal Interior

We bring the raw energy and vibrancy of Mother Earth into your personal and professional spaces, adding an exclusive touch of luxury to your life. From villas and resorts to yachts, and from Ibiza to all corners of the world, we deliver superior design infused with the spiritual power of crystals.


Welcome to VIBRA - the epitome of crystal interior design. We bring the raw energy and vibrancy of Mother Earth into your personal and professional spaces, adding an exclusive touch of luxury to your life. From villas and resorts to yachts, and from Ibiza to all corners of the world, we deliver superior design infused with the spiritual power of crystals.


"Crystal Shaman Jeroen began a collaboration with Six Senses Ibiza, initially decorating with crystal necklaces and larger pieces in the wellness area. The focus shifted to furnishing the treatment rooms and sauna spaces with larger crystals. This change brought an energy upgrade, creating a more pleasant atmosphere for clients and therapists during sessions..

Six Senses, Ibiza

By blending cleansing, activating, and energizing crystals, a pure energy was crafted within the space, a sensation both healing and enjoyable. This collaboration between Jeroen and VIBRA INTERIOR has opened possibilities for more aesthetic enhancements at the resort with VIBRA crystals, further affirming their commitment to clean, purifying, and activating energy in the wellness area."

Six Senses, Ibiza

Activated crystals

Harnessing Crystal Energy

At VIBRA, we believe in the power of crystal energy for higher vibrations. We utilize a variety of crystals, available in all sizes, to evoke the healing energy of the earth, cleanse spaces, and promote the wellbeing of those within. Our spaces are not just places - they are wellness sanctuaries, uplifting your senses and creating an environment for growth and positivity.

Collaborative Crystal Interior Design

In collaboration with Mother Earth, our specialized crystal interiors offer unique themes that cater to every room's individual energy. Inspired by the six senses and the chakras, each room we design is a unique haven, mirroring its specific energy type and corresponding crystal.

All-encompassing Crystal Services

No space is too big or small for a touch of VIBRA magic. From luxury villas and resorts to opulent boats and yachts, our all-encompassing services offer crystal decorations for both indoor and outdoor spaces. We can imbue every corner of your space with the beauty and power of crystals, from illuminated crystal walls and crystal-paved floors to crystal bathtubs, kitchen sinks, and even crystal-adorned saunas.

Adding an artistic flair

Looking to add an artistic flair? Try our crystal paint, an innovative blend of vibrant color and crystal energy that will uplift any space. Or, opt for one of our unique pieces, such as crystal tables and enlightened crystal stairs, to add a statement of luxury and spiritual wellness to your home or office.

Global crystal luxury

Every piece is shipped worldwide, ensuring you can enjoy the magic and luxury of crystal energy, no matter where you are.

Transformative power of crystals

VIBRA is more than just an interior design service; it's a spiritual lifestyle. We believe in the transformative power of crystals to enhance wellbeing, transform spaces, and connect us back to the healing energy of the earth. Explore our options and transform your space into a wellness sanctuary with the vibrant power of crystal energy.

Elevate your interiors

Elevate your interiors to a higher vibration with VIBRA. Discover the perfect crystal for every space and step into a world of spiritual luxury and wellbeing. We're ready to start your transformation today.

VIBRA Process: From concept to completion

The process

The process, overseen by Shaman Jeroen, follows a specific order - starting with a personal meeting, and progressing through creating an energetic plan, inspiration sessions, 3D rendering, execution, delivery, and aftercare.

  • 1:1 Meeting: This initial step is crucial and quite personal. Shaman Jeroen will connect with you on a personal level to discover your inspirations, preferences, and wishes. It's a chance to align energies and lay the foundation for the design of your dream space.
  • Energetic Plan: Following the meeting, Shaman Jeroen will create an energetic plan. This blueprint, based on your wishes, will serve as the starting point for the transformation of your space.
  • Inspiration Session: This is where your senses are stimulated and your preferences become clear. Shaman Jeroen will guide you through a unique session, helping you envision your dream space.
  • 3D Rendering (Optional): Based on the information gathered in the previous steps, a 3D render of your space will be created. This provides a visual representation of how your dream space will look and allows for any necessary adjustments.
  • Execution: With your approval of the 3D model, the transformation begins. Shaman Jeroen will provide a timeframe, ensuring the process is efficient and respects your schedule.
  • Delivery: In this step, the finished unit is delivered to your space. The transformation is complete and your new space infused with crystal energy is ready for you.
  • After Care: Shaman Jeroen's commitment to you and your space doesn't end with delivery. Aftercare services ensure your crystal-infused space continues to resonate with your energy and serve your needs.

For more information or to set up an online meeting to start your unique VIBRA journey, contact us today. Let's begin the exciting process of connecting with crystals and transforming your space.


"Oya has been working with Jeroen as our leading Crystal Shaman and Kundalini ceremony facilitator. He is a true master and an absolute professional of his craft, as well as anything, and everything he does. It is a true pleasure to be interacting with Jeroen both professionally and personally. I personally participated in his kundalini ceremony, and as someone who participated in many ceremonies, I can attest that it was simply spectacular. I am grateful and blessed to have Jeroen as part of our team."

Mayan, Owner and Creator of OYA, Dominican Republic

"Crystal Shaman Jeroen performed a significant ritual on the Dominican Republic soil in 2023, at one of OYA, New Earth's many lands. The opening ritual was conducted to bless the country and energetically open it with crystal energy. By placing Lemurian crystals on the land, a clear and active crystalline grid energy field was established, fostering positive feelings and unity..

OYA, Dominican Republic

OYA, New Earth represents renewal, unity, and healing, offering retreats and opportunities for self-discovery and enjoyment in nature. Following the ritual, the stage was set for the next major project, a unique concept involving large crystals and collaboration with various healers. Crystal Shaman Jeroen will acquire and activate the large crystals, infusing the project with pure energy."

OYA, Dominican Republic