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Lemurian Crystals

Allow a VIBRA talisman to guide your intuition, facilitating the flow of wisdom and energy within you. From activation, to transformation and transmission. Grow together with your crystal talisman.

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Lemurian Pacha Mama Lemurian Pacha Mama
Lemurian Pacha Mama
Minimum price €65,00 Maximum price €83,00
Inner Light Child Inner Light Child
Inner Light Child
Minimum price €65,00 Maximum price €83,00
Lemurian Sacred Heart Lemurian Sacred Heart
Lemurian Sacred Heart
Minimum price €65,00 Maximum price €83,00
Experiences of our community
Experiences of our community

"Wow, I have so much energy now, everything is switched on and I have a sort of manifestation energy, I am attracting all sorts of abundance, it's bizarre and crazy but feels so good."

Kariena, Amsterdam
Experiences of our community

"The crystal activated my third eye and pineal gland even before I physically received the crystal. I am super happy with it and notice that I listen more through my body and can translate energy into emotions and mental thinking."

Rob, Eindhoven
Experiences of our community

"I use the power tool for my ceremonies, in men's groups. Very happy with it. It radiates a sort of authority and your channeling matched exactly with the process I'm in."

Peter, Utrecht
Experiences of our community

"My children are wildly enthusiastic about the crystals, they never take them off, haha. I myself feel much more calm or something, a feeling of love within myself, root chakra, and more insight into my life."

Emily, Veldhoven
Experiences of our community

"Wow, you've channeled exactly the right crystals for our group of friends, Jeroen! All 13 super happy with them and some already high in energy and in process after just a few hours. Received various insights just from the energy and your voice message channeling."

Ryan, Volendam

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